Carson are a three piece alternative stoner rock n roll band residing in Luzern, Switzerland. First formed in Auckland, New Zealand by front-man Kieran Mortimer-Jones in 2010. Playing all over New Zealand the then four piece quickly built a reputation as a groovy, heavy, melodic and energized outfit. 2011 Carson recorded a 7 track EP with hit tracks Dues and Conversational being played on national New Zealand radio stations. But then it was time for Kieran to move to Switzerland and a new band had to be formed. Keeping the name Carson (taken from the classic western The Good the Bad and the Ugly) Jan Kurmann and Elina Willener joined the band and within 4 months started blasting the local Swiss scene. 

 In December 2012, Carson released a 2nd self titled, 6 track EP after winning funding from a local festival (Lakeside Festival Hergiswil) at a sold out show in the infamous Treibhaus, Luzern. The new CD shows the band channelling their sound and becoming a deep and loud groove machine. The perfect mix of fuzzy guitars, rolling drums, brutal bass, and catchy vocal melodies was received with love from the public and radio stations alike. The Songs ‘Chlorine Boogie’, ‘Come’ and ‘I Guess’ are being played on SRF Virus, Radio 3Fach and Coleur 3. An official music video for ‘I Guess’ was released a few months later, received with praise and can be seen on Swiss music TV channels.

2013 Carson were picking up shows playing all over Switzerland. Chained together into one long tour, headlining their own shows and supporting well known acts travelling through. Building their name as Switzerland’s Stoner rock n roll representatives.

Carson storming around Europe on tour with Karma to Burn in 2014 (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Switzerland) has given them that polished sound, a taste for the road and (much like the audience) left them gagging for more.

2015 saw the Trio feature at such renown festivals as ‘Anyone can play guitar’, ’Stonerhead’, ‘Up in Smoke’ and ‘Openair am Bielersee’. Supporting some classic and influential bands to Carson and drilling in songs ready to be put to tape (so to speak) on the next awaited album.

Getting down on vinyl material already common place in the Carson set list, as well as a hand full of new songs especially written for the album, the trio are ready to release ‘Drown the Witness’. Carson's first, full-length vinyl album! Bound to be a cracker of an event, the 4th of February 2017 will see the release of the afore mentioned, bombastic ‘Drown the Witness’ along with a little help from our friends...

To Be Continued...